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I entered the Hidden Paradise competition a month ago, and I can announce that I have won the 1st place.

Little Paradise by AntiSpy

Prize contains: Limited Edition Red Canon Crumpler Bag unavailable in stores, a Premium Prints account [3 month sub included] and a Camera Strap.

Thanks to KylieKeene and to the judges, and to all the other great entries.

It's not the first award I win for my photos, but It's a special one, thanks to the DeviantArt community. It truly is a great place.

Official winners announced:…
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Recent days I've had interesting conversations here at deviantart about this issue, especially with gilad in his fine journal entry.

I've travelled all over the world, I've met so many people, some under communist rule, some under dictatorship, some under occupation, some rich and lot's of poor people.

Let me first say, that no one, under any circumstance can "limit" freedom of speech, it is one thing that defines our civilization that must be intact. As soon as we "limit" it, block some people from saying whatever they want, it's not freedom anymore.

Even if what they are saying are lies and may hurt us, if we shut them up we're no better than them.

And it doesn't matter what they say is "lies" or not lies, if it's not backed up by proof it's useless. We're in the 21st century, not the middleages... If some nut says the holocaust didn't happen, no one would believe him, now one would even listen to him. But you cannot deny holocaust in Austria for instance. It's simply illegal.

Freedom of Speech doesn't only mean "I can say what I want", but also that you can TAKE what others say, even if it hurts.

Only ten years ago genocide was committed in my country against my fellow citizen and there are many today that deny that fact. I know what happened, I've seen the massgraves. But I would never dream of "shutting them up", instead I would show them the massgraves. Show them the evidence.  

There is only a tiny step from limiting freedom of speech to becoming a sort of propaganda.

Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to dictatorship.

Remember Voltaire? "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
I'm still new to DeviantArt, but I must say that the photos I have submitted untill now have had a rather good reception.

The photos are taken from a trip around the world over the period of many years, backpacking in;

All over Europe+Turkey and Palestine/Syria

Thailand, Indonasia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Phillipines, Bali, Japan, New Zealand.

Tahiti, Virgin Islands, Mexico, USA, Cuba, Haiti, Bahamas.

From July: South American Continent.

Middle East + Africa

DA's a great community and I'm looking forward sharing the photos and stories with you :)


I've had a few notes regarding a Print account and why I'm not selling my photos as prints here on DA. It's because another company has the printing rights for most of my photos and they act as resellers. I've worked as a freelance photographer for online photo stores and magazines, although I do still keep all rights to my shots :)

Feel free to print them out yourself, if possible ;)